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More than 100,000 development professionals around the world are using DEVJOBS to find jobs.  Many people are finding real jobs !

By using DEVJOBS, many people have found real, good-paying jobs. Click here to see what members are saying about DEVJOBS.

job-seekers are happy to have found jobs
DEVJOBS provides announcements on jobs and work opportunities in various development projects

DEVJOBS was started in 1999 by a development worker to help fellow workers link up quickly with employers. Since then, it has grown to one with large following.

DEVJOBS is now recognized within the development world as one of the pioneers in the specific work of job announcements and is considered an effective tool for recruiting development workers.

Job-seekers find DEVJOBS very easy to use.  DEVJOBS is your online resource for international development jobs. DEVJOBS provides international job announcements on various development fields.

Hundreds of new jobs posted each week. The latest job listings are shown below. Click on a date to see the jobs:

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  • Jul 5 new jobs
  • Jun 30 new jobs
  • Jun 29 new jobs
  • Jun 27 new jobs
  • Jun 25 new jobs
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      We like to introduce DEVJOBS to you:

    key features of DEVJOBS  What is DEVJOBS?    DEVJOBS is an Internet service that provides international job announcements on various development fields. Check our FAQ page - frequently asked questions page - to get more detailed info.

    key features of DEVJOBS  Plenty of new jobs announced weekly:    Hundreds of fresh job vacancies are announced here every week. Please visit this site every week.

    people are finding good real jobs

    people find good jobs thru DEVJOBS   People find real jobs.     Our members report that they are able to find good jobs through our DEVJOBS service.

    key features of DEVJOBS   Employers love our service     because it makes personnel search easier and faster. By using DEVJOBS, more than 400 development agencies , NGOs and consulting firms find that their personnel search is made easier. It is affordable too. Go to our Employers' Area to learn more.

    Employers reach a huge audience worldwide: Recruiters and employers are able to reach a worldwide audience of 82,000 people at an affordable price.


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    See what members are saying about our service
    people are finding good real jobs



    key features of DEVJOBS Jobseekers love our service     because it provides them a free and complete source of information on job openings, vacancies and internship opportunities. To learn more about the benefits for jobs seekers and on how to use this service, go to our Jobseekers'Area

    key features of DEVJOBS   Tips and advice on job hunting.     We compiled and gathered 80 feature articles about job searching, resume, job interviews, career planning and employment issues. You may get all 80 articles in one go, for FREE. We have also gathered the latest magazine articles related to jobs, careers and employment. Plus we have compiled 30 new articles about online scam and fraud, including scams related to employment or job offers. new feature here

    DEVJOBS is your Internet resource to find qualified employees   Features that make job hunting easier     We have developed some features that make your job searching easier. These include our extensive links to other jobs websites, free webmail, articles on CV preparation, tips on applying, career development tips, job listing emails and tips on how to avoid job scams.
    key features of DEVJOBS  Quick overview: For first-time users of DEVJOBS, we suggest that you see a quick overview of DEVJOBS, its benefits and rules. Click here to see the 3-minute scrolling overview.
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    The Editor of DEVJOBS is just one click away. You can reach us via email or telephone. We reply to all messages, personally, within 24 hours of receipt of your message.

    That's the number of people around the world that we reach.

    Highly commendable

    I am very pleasedyour service is highly commendable! to know that your service provides valuable help to many people to secure jobs. - Jean Nguelfa

    DEVJOBS is your online resource for international development jobs. DEVJOBS provides international job announcements on various development fields. Our fields include the following: microfinance, poverty alleviation, community development, institution development, good governance, health and population, food security, agriculture, natural resource management, basic education, adult literacy, human resource development, disability rehabilitation, information technology, emergency response, post-disaster rehabilitation, rural development, legal assistance, women in development, gender equality, water and sanitation, infrastructure development, etc. More than 82,000 development professionals around the world are using DEVJOBS to look for jobs.

    Use our Customer Support Ticket System:  If you are a new, prospective or existing customer of DEVJOBS (either an employer or a recruiter), please use our secure online Customer Support Ticket System to send us your high-priority comments, questions, suggestions or feedback. It is our way of showing that customers are important to us. Learn more...

    Dear DEVJOBS, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing. Your daily job postings have been a great help. Could you please include some of my friends on your mailing list. Cheers! - Andrea.

    Eweka Queesnley Kehinde of Nigeria said : " I think DEVJOBS is one of the best ideas so far and I hope of getting a good job through your services..


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    “Online job sites sometines tend to overwhelm people. The key for most people to realize is that you can’t conduct your job search entirely from your computer. You have to get in front of prospective bosses to get an offer.”

    From: John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a firm that helps place people in jobs and does business consulting.

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